Prattle & Snap is home to the product and process of my interrelated passion for photography, craft and nature.

Much of my time is devoted to getting outside and all over the beautiful Isle of Wight, whether by bike or on foot at a variety of paces, accompanied by two of the world’s greatest adventurers, @rusty_rambles & #rolotherescuemutt. You can see a selection of favourite snaps here.

Refreshed and invigorated by fresh air and fighting the elements, at home, craft is a primary concern. If it involves paper and/or ink I’m probably interested, often inspired by the natural world and those who have written so beautifully about it. You can see a gallery of work here.

Having written little apart from lesson plans, action plans and assessment documents for too many years, this small corner of the internet is also home to my prattling regarding whatever I’ve been up to. Thank you for coming,  I hope you’ll stay for a while.