constellations crafternoon

Space is just the best topic for engaging children. They love rockets, planets, aliens, stars and galaxies; anything we chuck at them, they want to know more. At home, they’ll write books, draw pictures and make models, which delights a teacher’s heart as they come in full of pride in their endeavours.


This week, we’ve been all about constellations (although we’re not yet all able to spell it correctly). We’ve found out about some of the foundation myths, including the mighty hunter Orion and explored the night sky with some awesome interactive resources.


However, after lunch today was Constellations Crafternoon. Glitter, glue, crayons, marshmallows, toothpicks and various sundries were supplied. Encouragement to take their time and produce beautiful representations was provided and off they went. I was delighted with what they produced and hope they were too. Some 3D shape work for constructing constellation viewers on Friday… can’t wait!


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