double outdoor day

With my wonderful wife away for a conference, I had a rare Saturday to myself. I’m easily pleased, and with the sun shining there were few real options apart from get out into the countryside for a run. 


Spring has certainly sprung, with flowers covering verges and tiny birds swinging in and out of the hedgerows. As always, I saw hardly a soul and had the muddy paths and potholed country lanes to myself.  


I returned home muddy and tired out, but the sun just kept on shining so soon enough was out the door for another adventure. West is best for sunset and there are few more spectacular locations on our isle than Brook and Compton to enjoy the last of the light.


Dog walkers abounded on arrival, but as the minutes passed they returned to their cars, leaving me to enjoy the last of the light with the seagulls and oystercatchers. It’s inevitably a good day if you can get outside to explore more than once.



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