world book day

I think my love of reading and books was a big part of my decision to train to be a primary teacher, so an entire day revelling in costumes, characters, pictures and print is always a highlight of the school year. My fellow Year 1 teacher and I decided on ‘The Worst Witch’ by the wonderful Jill Murphy as our focus this year, and a great choice it was.


We started the day with a good long read. I think the children enjoyed the classic characters, capers and my silly voices as much as I did, at least I hope they did. The children were then introduced to the many and various ingredients we’d gathered to create their own potions.

Magic Potion Ingredients

Having decided on what they wished their potions to achieve (plenty of ‘To turn my teacher into a slimy toad’ and ‘To make myself super fast’) they drafted and wrote their potion instructions, before finally, they were let loose and the glorious concoctions were created.


It was fantastic to see their imaginations so engaged, the care they took to produce beautiful instructions and the joy as they proudly shared their potions at the end of the day. Next year, I’ll be sure to plan my costume after deciding on what we’ll be doing in class…

Tin Man

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