It’s impossible to choose a favourite season, but spring brings a glorious bounty to those who like to get down low. After the mud and rain of the winter, it’s a joyful thing to lay down in sun-warmed grasses for the best views of this season’s multitude of colour and form.


Muddy knees and damp clothes are still something of an inevitability, especially in the woodlands, where the bluebells have had an impressive season. It seems hard to believe that fairies and pixies don’t dwell amongst their delicate, drooping petals. Tiny green bugs certainly do though.


Beyond the everyday classics of childhood (take a bow daisy and dandelion), I know very few of our Island’s native wildflowers. We’ve been trying to improve our natural intelligence with the help of this beautiful book, but the differences between buttercups and celandines are not, as yet, completely transparent to me. But with the sun shining down, warm breezes tickling skin and bright colours surrounding, names matters little from Spring’s horizontal positions.


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