Unending exploration

I love where I live. It may only be 13 miles north to south and 26 miles east to west, but it packs a whole lot in. There’s always places that we haven’t explored in a good while. The area around Hamstead is one such, as Newtown Creek always seems to claim our attentions at this end of the Island. But a lazy, sunny Sunday seemed the perfect time to revisit.

SquelchWonderfully undeveloped, it has labels enough to indicate its quality: Heritage Coast, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Site of Special Scientific Interest. You can understand why. Heath and common, meadow and marsh, copse and coast; it’s a microcosm of so many of the habitats we are lucky to have here.


We moved at an appropriately slow Sunday pace, down footpaths and through trees, trying to keep quiet enough to snap the birds and butterflies abounding. The wind picked up at the top of the hill, a chilly sea breeze others were appreciating more.

FramedUnending change in the weather, flora, fauna, the very shape of our land; I’m sure it would be impossible to stop finding new inspiration in our explorations. We’ll not leave it so long before the next time.




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