Back when it wasn’t grey…

It’s been a grey holiday. I enjoy all kinds of weather, but blanket grey skies don’t drag me outside as blue skies or all seasons in day weathers do. However, we’ve had some glorious spring days this year: warm, calm and perfect for exploring nautical nature reserves in the last light.

Newtown Lifesaver

BoatDetailsWe’re so fortunate to have Newtown just down the road. You’re lucky if you manage to get the place to yourself as it’s a haven for the evening dog walkers and twitchers, but everyone seems becalmed in the peaceful environment of the salt marshes and meadows in the last light.

SunsetYachts.jpgSounds of an evening of eating and laughter drifted across from a moored yacht, just far enough away to not disturb our wanderings. The wildlife seems diminished from the migratory hoards of a few weeks ago, but it’s always fun to watch the ducks in flight though.

DuckatDusk.jpgSunshine forecast to return for Saturday, today’s a day for getting as many inside tasks completed as possible!






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