in the (sea) pink

Sea Pinks.jpgThe sky has remained resolutely grey for much of the week, but spring flowers will brighten up the blandest of days. I headed across island to the east side, St Helen’s and Brading. The Duver‘s tussocky grasses are currently covered in the last blooms of gentle pastels of the Sea Pinks. It’s a popular area for walkers and beach dwellers, so I attracted a few odd stares as I lay down amongst the blooms to commune with the bees.

Bee's BehindThey were amazingly abundant that afternoon, lazily buzzing from flower to flower, sometimes just flopping across with legs splayed if the they were in close enough proximity. I love how bees, like so many other bugs, are so happy to completely ignore you if you are calm and slow among them. They continued on their pollen collections as I happily snapped away.IMG_9545

Across the Causeway and over the hill, I wandered through the increasingly gloomy Brading Marshes. As yet, I don’t have a lens long enough to capture the inhabitants of the nature reserve, but they’re a fine reason to return when I do.

Brading Marshes.jpg


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