shrunken nature

Sometimes delight enters your day unheralded. Off to buy books in town, we were striding along when a banner across the street caught our eye. Bonsai Exhibition Today. An opportunity not to be missed.


The good folks at the previously unknown to me Isle of Wight Bonsai Society are doing a marvellous job. From the hearty welcome at the door, to the enthusiastic advice imparted inside, it was a lovely place to while away some Saturday.


The way the enthusiastic club members had manipulated and miniaturised the trees was fascinating, especially with so many native species represented; bonsai had always meant spindly pines on cliff edges to me before. Seeing limes and oaks on a tiny scale, familiar leaves but so very much smaller, was a real delight.Bonsai2.jpgI brought home a tree with me, already alive for two decades. Woodland is my habitat of choice, never happier than under the canopy, so it’ll be lovely to live with a little bit more tree in my day to day.Bonsai4



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