down south

Glorious summer weather has coincided with our longest days. The many hours of sun have made inside work a trial, dappled shade is the only place to be. Life is currently reports reports reports in front of a screen, but with the light so late we headed down south to begin the weekend well.

IMG_0085I love this part of the island. Having worked in a tiny village school nestled in its hills, I know the shape of the land all around. And what great shapes.

tiny person, big landslip

This is landslip country; odd angles and short, steep climbs. It’s easy to disappear from sight, rolls and layers of jilted earth. There’s an abundance of coastal flowers to inspect, alongside wind and salt battered trees huddled together- perfect adventuring territory. I’ll visit a grand canyon one day, but till then this tiny one sided version will do.

no sunset, good cloudsThere was to be no sunset, but the clouds heralded us back to the north with the weekend begun quite nicely enough.

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