local love

I’ve not been chasing around the Wight much. End of year reports season is a time for hunkering in front of a screen, tapping away, watching the boxes fill with words about my tiny charges and their progress. No energy left for running and riding unfortunately. It’s not all bad though, as a bit of local exploration is always a pleasure.Up Trunk We have a regular route. Northwood Park is minutes away and trees from around the world provide ever-changing photo opportunities. My top favourite ever seed is back…cannot wait till helicopter time.

Early HelicoptersFrom the parkland, we descend down through the tiny remaining stand of hillside woodland, which overlooks the Solent. When I can do yoga to a publicly acceptable standard, this is where I’ll be for early morning sun salutations. I’m not close to that yet.

We return to town along the seafront, so busy at this time of year on and off the water. In the last of the light though, all is calm and quiet, no matter how many are around.


I love to love where I live. It’s never happened before. Park, wood and coast, all right there, just outside the door, but knowing that the countryside is mere minutes away when necessary. I hope the yachties and the tourists enjoy Cowes during these summer months, but I’ll be pleased to have it back come autumn.

Catch the sun

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