county show

Isle of Wight County Press

It must be the height of summer when the Isle of Wight County Show is in town. We were incredibly lucky with the weather; showers forecast all day but not a drop fell, just sunshine and high rising clouds. I love the show, with the best of the rural Wight spread across the sloping fields. I’m always on the lookout for characters you’d never come across in the everyday.

From the Wight WIght AccordiansFood and drink are, obviously, an essential part of a good day out. We avoided the lengthy queue for burgers or sausages and made the right choice with hog roast with apple sauce and stuffing. Orange raspberries were a perfect pudding. Taste of the Wight did a magnificent job in the food tent; with all the amazing Island goodies on offer, perhaps buying lunch was unnecessary! It was, as always, impossible to resist a cup of Island Roasted.

Isle of Wight Coffee

Fabulous Fruits

What would a County Show be without the animals though? We spent the early morning on a beachy horse ride for my mum’s birthday, so we enjoyed sitting back to appreciate the far superior skills of the dressage riders. The cows had already been judged; I think the one I photographed must have lost. The larger animals will never be quite as much fun as the fluffy ducks though!

IMG_0374Doleful eyes

Fluffy duckIt’s a wonderful day out, a great showcase of so many of the fantastic things happening on our tiny piece of land. Roll on 2015.








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