seapink beeI recently read a throughly erudite and entertaining account of the lives of Bombus, the much loved bumble bee. I’m not the first and certainly won’t be the last to sing the praises of the teddy bear of the insect world.

foxglove beeThe familiar drone or a lazy flight across my sight line will always prompt me to grab a camera and hunt it down. They always seem remarkably calm about a mammalian presence, intent instead on the collection of nectar to fuel their flight and pollen for the hive.

I read about life cycles, habitats, reintroductions and the surprisingly brutal nature of inter-species encounters. Sadly however, I’m no closer to differentiating a Bombus lapidarius from a Bombus hortorum, but it won’t stop me chasing them down when the opportunity arises.

indeteriminent bee


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