alverstone mead

TopoftheTrunkI recently discovered another wildlife gem on our Island. Tucked away in the rolling hills a couple of miles inland from Sandown is Alverstone Mead, a freshwater nature reserve. It’s a beautifully calm spot, well maintained paths through marshland and woodland. Tucked away in one corner is an elevated hide. Yesterday evening I had it all to myself.

Looking OutI’m always on the look out for our Island’s tiny red inhabitants and this is an excellent spot. They must be well used to humans, as after about ten minutes they were scrambling and leaping around me confidently.

Bird on a branchThe avian inhabitants took a little longer to emerge. I spotted a woodpecker, but I’d need a longer lens to capture such a reticent bird. Some were much friendlier, no doubt helped by the well stocked feeders.

Birds on feederThere’s an extra special hide hidden away behind a locked door, £10 will gain access for the year. Money well spent I’m thinking, I intend to be there regularly!

Give me nuts!

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