last of the summer adventures

With Bryony flying off to her ancestral home for the last weeks of August and Hurricane Bertha’s tail end sitting over the south of England today, yesterday may well have been the last of our summer adventures together.Searching for a beachOur best explorations always seem to happen with spontaneity involved, and so as we drove out west our plans changed and we ended up at Bouldnor Copse, just outside Yarmouth. It’s been a summer of trees and we spent some time up a lovely cliff top example.

ClimbingClimbedThe original plan was to find a beach, but high tides and geology were working against us. We wandered through the moorland, woodland and marshland instead, marvelling at the abundance of quiet corners our Island has to offer those who stray from the well beaten path.

No beach

down low

With the wonders of modern communications, it’ll not be too hard to separate for the two weeks, but the explorations won’t be quite as fun as one.

Tall Trees

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