bertha’s backside

We caught the tail end of Hurricane Bertha yesterday. Sunday was spent the morning day sheltering from the wind and torrential rain, baking and reading; a lovely foreshadowing of autumn fun to come.

The wind didn’t drop much but the rain departed, leaving us a bright, blustery evening to explore Colwell Bay.

Isle of Wight nature photography

Colwell BayThere were lots of people enjoying the rapidly undulating water; swimmers, splashers and (wind) surfers utilising or fighting against the hurricane remnants. The nicely appointed beach huts sheltered some of those whom remained on the land, the real winds obvious just around the headland.

Colwell Beach hutsBertha's Tail

The transformation of this bay over the last few year is quite incredible, ideally set up for long beach days. The destruction of the sea wall is such a sadness though; I hope they remove the barriers at least, it would be great to scramble across the slippage even if it too expensive to repair.

We’ve got some more high wind and rain forecast for today, a return to the coast seems in order!

colwell sunset


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