end of the day at the top of a hill

amongst the grasses

The seasons are on the change once again. Instagram is full of those bemoaning the end of summer and although I understand, I can’t say I agree. Summer is not my favourite season for photography, the long blue days making the chasing of light all the harder. As the days shorten, it’s easier to be out and about in those special, golden hours.

Chalk cliff in the golden hour

I’ve been taking advantage and getting up some hills in for the last light. The other day I returned to one of my favourite spots, amongst the tumuli of Mottistone Down. From the car park at the top of Strawberry Lane, it’s a long, straight path to the top. The views are some of the best on the Island, the chalk cliffs ahead with the south Wight stretching out behind. With long views like these, it’s no wonder to me that this area was settled so long ago.

south Wight stretching

Others were enjoying the quiet as the colour of the sky shifted through the blues to orange; mountain bikers and dog walkers moving across the landscape, seagulls and ravens above making for their homes. By the time I got up and headed back down the hill, my fingers were certainly letting me know that autumn is on the way. I’ll have to look out the gloves.

birds on the way homemottistone sunset

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