more macro: from the garden

SeedThe rain has returned. Leaden grey skies sit heavy above, while the wind whips across and around. I’ve been getting out into the muddy countryside, but haven’t been taking many photos. Perhaps I don’t trust my phone case yet. But I have been continuing to enjoy the pleasures of photography on a tinier scale.

PetalDuskAll these shots are from our tiny, overgrown garden. It might not be potted and pruned to perfection, but up close it’s an endlessly fascinating world. The variety of texture and detail in such a small area is such fun to work with.

WoodenDetailDuskThe insects are the most fun though, clinging to flowers and leaves as they swing to and fro in the infuriating unpredictable gusts; more often than not the result is a blurry mess. All the sweeter when you do get one you like.


4 thoughts on “more macro: from the garden

  1. Oh boy, Tom, those blog photos are great!! Love the weeds and the dragon fly especially. And loved the text. Keep it up,!

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    1. Thanks Marla, I’m glad you like them! I’ll try and keep it up…much harder with the resumption of term!

      Have loved hearing all Bry’s holiday stories, sounds like you all had a fab time!


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