Morning on the Medina

There’s nothing like a bright, late winter morning to drag you out of bed and off into the great outdoors. Meeting Bryony in town gave me the perfect excuse to jump onto the bike and head off down the Cowes to Newport bike path. As always however, the best of the exploration was off the beaten track…
(Side note: I came across these amazing time split videos last night:
Imagine taking steam trains through such beautiful locations!)
One of my colleagues has been plaguing me with talk of all the Kingfishers she spots on her walks along the Medina. So, halfway down, where Parkhurst Stream meets the Medina, I hopped off the bike and headed off into the woods.
Unsurprisingly, I have still to see a kingfisher in the feather. It was still a lovely explore though, despite the scratchy thorns and goopy, muddy waterside paths. There were plenty of tits chirruping away, the squawk of a nearby buzzard and even a brief sighting of a possibly confused owl, who I only spotted due to his shadow swooshing past. I only caught a glimpse of his bulbous head and stealthy flight before he was lost in the branches.
Most of all though, it was fabulous to spot the signs of spring steadily emerging. The mosses & lichens look refreshed, the hazel catkins are swinging in the still chilly breeze, branches are budding; the promise of new growth is all around.
 A fine time to be down on the river side.

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