The Return of Evening Light

Sunset Layers

That point in my year has arrived where I can leave work, head home, chuck on the kit and head out the door in enough time to catch the sunset. Gone are the thankfully short winter months of darkness engulfing both the journey to and from work.

Another Gurnard Sunset

The weather conditions couldn’t have been better for it as well. The temperature has dropped and there’s been a fair bit of cloud, but the majority of days have seen the sun at least coming out to then swiftly drop below the horizon. With clouds still in the sky, every sunset is different; the colour palette and patterns unique each day. Running & photography have really grown together, but the thrill of being in a beautiful place as nature puts her daily show hasn’t waned; it still feels like stolen time.

Gurnard Last Light

I love all the seasons here in their own ways, but the renewal that spring brings is hard to resist, and the return of the light is a large part of the joy.

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