Please help me, I’m falling down

Unsurprisingly, it’s always while barrelling downhill that I fall down on a run. This has been a special week however, with falls on consecutive days. Neither caused any serious injury and both sort of added to the adventures.

Trees & Gate

First was at the bottom of a cliffside woodland in our neighbouring seaside village, Gurnard. It’s a great little wood, crumbling steps at the top leading to steep, narrow and twisting paths down through the trees. There’s roots to avoid and even branches to hurdle; no more than a minute and proper off roading during my weeknight road sessions, a brief glimpse of more exciting weekend runs. The fall happened just as it levelled off. It was fast and a near perfect recovery; hit the knee, shoulder down and roll, an exhaled ‘oof’ and straight back onto the feet.

Pepper Pot

Last night was not quite as pleasing. It was a beautiful early spring day, mostly spent indoors, so when home time came it was straight out again. With the evening again starting to stretch out, I headed down south and ran the St Catherine’s Down loop, up the Pepper Pot and round some the best of the island’s coast. The golden hour light suffused the landscape with beautifully soft pastels; a perfect end to a long week.  The light had left by the time I started the final descent from the Hoy monument though. And the path down follows the course of stream. And it was very muddy. This time, no forward momentum and graceful recovery, only the legs swiftly gone from beneath me and my entire left side soaked and muddy. The perfect look for shopping on the way home!

Country View

Falling down is an occasional risk while running, but most result in no more than scratches and a slightly bruised ego; a small price to pay for the joys of the off road run.

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