Visiting the Reds

Squirrel seeking seeds

With the weather warming, the bike has been emerging from its winter hibernation on a more regular basis. Saturday last, I headed straight down the cycle path to one of my favourite Island spots, Alverstone Mead. I only discovered these beautiful acres a while ago, but have been a regular visitor since. It feels like a really well managed piece of nature, with native trees returning and an abundance of wildlife. No doubting the highlight though (and the reason you rarely get the hide to yourself); the charming reds.

IMG_3043 IMG_3046

We’re one of the last bastions of red squirrels in the UK, the ferocious greys dominating the majority of our lands. Unsurprisingly, they’re generally skittish little creatures, clambering and leaping to the highest branches as soon as they become aware of you. Not so down at Alverstone however. One in particular is almost tame. I couldn’t believe how happy he was to let me snap away as he hoovered up the seeds.  I reckon a few more early morning visits and he’ll be eating nuts from my palm.

Classic Squirrel

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