Staying Local

Bird & BoatsThanks to a Strava challenge, I ran a half marathon on Saturday. I ensured easy navigation by hugging the coast path from Ventnor round to Seaview (I’d initially planned to go all the way round to East Cowes, but this was the triumph of ignorance over my actual physical capability!) It was a lovely run, enough flat to make it manageable, but with some excellent, twisting woodland paths and one proper hill to get up and over.


My legs really felt it on Sunday though. So the day was spent within the confines of Cowes and around. We headed down to the seafront and while Bryony practised her alphabet skating, I spent some time with the ever reliably present gulls.


There was only the black headed variety around, no herring gulls to harass and disturb the calm on the cold, grey day. They were hunkered against the rocks, seemingly content to do nothing but stay as warm as possible; a fine Sunday sentiment. They are such pretty little gulls, visiting with them was a lovely way to start the day.


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