spring arrives

Pink Blossom

The hints have been here for weeks now, but the true marker of the arrival of spring must be whether you are willing to sit outside for a picnic. Thankfully, that time arrived while Bryony & I were both still on holiday.

Relax dog!

Newtown has proven to be the perfect destination for the newest member of our clan. Rolo the rescue dog has been so much calmer in the peace of the countryside compared to the overstimulation of the park or town. We’ve been all over this special part of the island; wandering the quiet, winding woodland paths and sitting calmly by the placid waters, keeping our eyes open for the migratory birds.

Unidentified bird

Best of all though have been the hours spent in dappled shade, the sun finally providing enough warmth to stay still outside for prolonged periods. The common land seems to be the overlooked part of the estate; only the occasional walkers pass through, barely disturbing the rustle of leaves and chatter of the birds. What a piece of land it is though: ancient, gnarled trees all around, with borders to explore and ever increasing numbers of birds to try & capture. I can’t think of a better place to welcome the return of spring.


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