up & out

Footprints in pebbles

It’s been  a year of nature books so far. I’m currently reading some fine non-fiction, ‘Dip‘ by Andrew Fusek Peters. His short tales of wild swimming, exploring local landscapes and the consolations of nature are balm to a busy soul, a way to infuse the working week with the great outdoors.

Newtown trees

It’s even proven to be a jot from lethargy. On World Book Night, I was comfortably ensconced on the sofa, feet up, tea and book in hand. I was lost in a wintery tale of searching out the perfect river bank from which to enter the water when this words jolted me from my reverie:

“Stay indoors/Go outdoors. Take a risk/Keep warm. Today I made the right choice.”

As only a child of the ’80s will understand, I’m ever alert to the call to action, and took these simple sentences as such. So we’ve been making the most of the late April sun, making sure that we are on the right side of that daily choice: get up & out.

Those beach huts

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