Cwm Hill & Llys y Fran


Bryony and I took Rolo for for first *proper* holiday this summer, heading to undiscovered parts of the familiar landscapes of Pembrokeshire. Cwm Hill was our adventure base, close to the coast and the hills with the promise of top quality stargazing.


A couple of hills over lay a reservoir and country park which had immediately suggested itself as an obvious first choice from our map perusal. No surprise that grey clouds were overhead or the paths were noticeably muddier than our currently sun-baked island.


The loop of the reservoir was accompanied by blue skies and glimpses of the water from the undulating track. While Bryony opted for two wheels, the dog and I ran and splashed through the streams and made it up the steep, slippery but short ascents faster.


Rolo is (just about) calm around self-propelled two-wheeled vehicles now, but wasn’t too sure about Bryony whizzing around on one instead of sticking close to him, so some careful management was required for any overtaking procedures.


The main river feeding the reservoir was the place that won our attention for the longest time, with not a breath of wind or another soul to disturb the peace of the moment.


Although our lack of attention to the finer details of the map lead us through and then back across a lovely un-mown meadow, when we eventually found the right route back the sun and columns of clouds led the way.


Unfortunately, much of time on the quiet, secluded hillside was cloud covered. A corvid-bothering flock of house martins provided outdoor entertainment, but we’ll have to return one day for the full stargazing experience.