The Golden Road

Stretching across the top of the Preseli hills, the propitiously named Golden Road was a run I couldn’t fail to complete. Climatic conditions didn’t allow for the sun to light my way across the boggy moorland, with Rolo & I starting off in a thick fog with only the foreground sheep for company.


Thankfully, as we carefully navigated the uneven climb, the wind picked up and moved the fog away. As the landscape emerged around us, we could spot the ancient arrangements of stones I’d noted on the map, as well as glimpses of what must be  panoramic views of the farmland below.


Although the hills are small in scale, we had the land to ourselves. Hill forts and burial chambers kept my eyes from the path below, at least for short periods, with ankle twisting opportunities abounding. The path had improved; once we’d made it further up, short steep climbs combined with sweeping downward paths across the hills.


The clouds continued to break as we came towards our finish at the eastern end of the trail. I was much more delighted to see wild ponies emerge in the distance; the dog was far less enthusiastic, so this was as close as we got!

Apparently it is possible to see as far as Snowdonia’s peaks and the coast of Ireland on a clear day. We’ll have to return to find out : )