ploughing match

Many times I’ve cycled past by chance but have never stopped. So when I discovered one of the island’s ploughing matches beforehand, into the diary it went.      I’m really pleased I did, a lovely countryside event to brighten a grey Saturday. Living in town it is easy to forget just how rural we … More ploughing match

evening ride

I’ve got a Dawes touring bike. It’s a fine beast that has been with me through a variety countries and landscapes, up and over multiple hills. I love it, but it is a heavy beast. Luckily for me, my father-in-law has a variety of bikes, one of which he kindly lent me for the summer months. … More evening ride

unexplored corners

Newtown is such a special place. The combination of ancient woodland, meadowland, salt marshes and bird spotting possibilities make it a very busy spot. It’s not far from our home, so we visit often. To really appreciate a place though, I do love to be in it alone. A recent adventure uncovered a hidden gem. Through … More unexplored corners

mobile macro

I got a multi lens attachment for my new mobile. It’s a quality job, with a fish eye and wide-angle lens; it’s really only the macro that I’m interested in though. The windy weather down these parts hasn’t made for the easiest macro photography conditions and it’s not the easiest on the knees. It is, … More mobile macro