evening ride

I’ve got a Dawes touring bike. It’s a fine beast that has been with me through a variety countries and landscapes, up and over multiple hills. I love it, but it is a heavy beast. Luckily for me, my father-in-law has a variety of bikes, one of which he kindly lent me for the summer months. … More evening ride

unexplored corners

Newtown is such a special place. The combination of ancient woodland, meadowland, salt marshes and bird spotting possibilities make it a very busy spot. It’s not far from our home, so we visit often. To really appreciate a place though, I do love to be in it alone. A recent adventure uncovered a hidden gem. Through … More unexplored corners

bertha’s backside

We caught the tail end of Hurricane Bertha yesterday. Sunday was spent the morning day sheltering from the wind and torrential rain, baking and reading; a lovely foreshadowing of autumn fun to come. The wind didn’t drop much but the rain departed, leaving us a bright, blustery evening to explore Colwell Bay. There were lots of people … More bertha’s backside

alverstone mead

I recently discovered another wildlife gem on our Island. Tucked away in the rolling hills a couple of miles inland from Sandown is Alverstone Mead, a freshwater nature reserve. It’s a beautifully calm spot, well maintained paths through marshland and woodland. Tucked away in one corner is an elevated hide. Yesterday evening I had it all to … More alverstone mead

early riders

They must be the Island’s number one icon, sitting white and proud off the western tip, with the lighthouse marking their end. I’ve been visiting the Needles since we moved across the water, but have never got closer than the top of the cliff. Yesterday morning however, we were offered the chance of a rapid … More early riders