evening ride

I’ve got a Dawes touring bike. It’s a fine beast that has been with me through a variety countries and landscapes, up and over multiple hills. I love it, but it is a heavy beast. Luckily for me, my father-in-law has a variety of bikes, one of which he kindly lent me for the summer months. … More evening ride

unexplored corners

Newtown is such a special place. The combination of ancient woodland, meadowland, salt marshes and bird spotting possibilities make it a very busy spot. It’s not far from our home, so we visit often. To really appreciate a place though, I do love to be in it alone. A recent adventure uncovered a hidden gem. Through … More unexplored corners

alverstone mead

I recently discovered another wildlife gem on our Island. Tucked away in the rolling hills a couple of miles inland from Sandown is Alverstone Mead, a freshwater nature reserve. It’s a beautifully calm spot, well maintained paths through marshland and woodland. Tucked away in one corner is an elevated hide. Yesterday evening I had it all to … More alverstone mead

local love

I’ve not been chasing around the Wight much. End of year reports season is a time for hunkering in front of a screen, tapping away, watching the boxes fill with words about my tiny charges and their progress. No energy left for running and riding unfortunately. It’s not all bad though, as a bit of local … More local love